Just in time for the summer – Hawley-Lambert adds Supacaz, Smarthalo, F2C and G-Form.

Levis, Quebec & Lexington, South Carolina – May 8, 2018 – Just in time for the prime summer sales season, Hawley-Lambert has added Supacaz accessories, SmartHalo technologies, F2C Nutritionals to its growing brand portfolio in the both Canada and the United States. The company has also added G-Form protective gear, a brand the company has distributed in Canada since 2015, to its US portfolio.

“We are always looking for the latest brands that can bring value and something unique to retailers,” says André Trudeau, Director of Vendor and Business Development for Hawley-Lambert. “Supacaz is bringing color and style back to the bike, SmartHalo’s intuitive city-smart technology bring safety to a whole new level, F2C is a breakout nutritional brand and everyone knows G-Form makes some of the best protection gear you can buy.”

Supacaz rejects all that is dull and embraces the colors and flare of the 1980’s. Growing up in California surfing, skating, and snowboarding, Anthony Sinyard was always confused about why cycling gear and clothing had become so dull. As a UCI pro Anthony searched far and near for a bike brand that emulated the captivating swagger of his favorite surf and skate brands from the 80’s. He was drawn to vibrant colors used by surf brands like T&C Surf, Quiksilver, & Santa Cruz. Creating a brand came next – SUPACAZ. It fuses high-performance and vibrant style across bar tape, grips, cages and a growing roster of accessories and soft goods.

SmartHalo turns any bike into a smartbike. Born out of the interlacement of sophisticated technologies and elegant simplicity. It’s a device that provides advanced features without overwhelming cyclists who need to focus on the many stimuli of urban environments. When paired with a smartphone, the device makes it easy for riders to leave their phone safely in their pocket. With visual alerts for text messages and phone calls, the SmartHalo also features intuitive and easy-to-see directional lighting for turn-by-turn directions. In addition to tracking calories burned, distance traveled and other metrics, the device features a battery-saving auto shut-off feature, a light sensitive smart headlight and a built-in audio/visual theft alarm.

F2C Nutrition was born from the vision and passion of Greg Cowan, founder and CEO who has influenced and shaped the natural health food industry over the last 30 years. Cofounding his first business Pure Source in 1986, Greg has gone on to own and develop many health food companies. Frustrated with what nutrition was available, Greg developed products that reflected his values and principles and drew upon his deep knowledge of the natural health food industry. Valuing clean, naturally sourced ingredients supported by innovative scientific research, Greg created a robust endurance product line up. The F2C Nutrition product line not only tastes great but uses all natural, ground breaking ingredients that have the science to back them up.

G-Form is a pioneer in the advancement of impact protection technology for athletes. The company’s proprietary cutting-edge materials and composites combine high-level impact protection with comfort, style, and complete freedom of motion. G-Form has become the chosen protective equipment of extreme athletes across multiple categories, including MTB, BMX, skateboard, snowboard, soccer, and professional stunt.

Supacaz, SmartHalo and G-Form products are in-stock now for immediate shipping. F2C Nutritional products will be in-stock by the end of May.